Here are some questions we often get asked about our logo design service. If we haven't already answered your question here, please feel free to contact us.
1 How Much Is Your Logo Design Service?

Our logo design service is just $89 AUD.

2 Why Is Your Logo Design Service Risk Free?

Our logo design service is 100% risk free because we work on your logo until you are 100% happy. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’s still the same price.

3 Do You Only Provide Logo Designs in Australia

Although we are based in Australia, we can offer our logo design services all over the world.

4 How Long Does It Take To Receive My New Logo Design

After your order is placed, we generally deliver your initial 6 logo concepts within 3-5 business days. Depending on the changes you want to make to your logo, it will extend this time until you are happy with your logo.

5 Do You Edit Or Fix Existing Logos?

Yes! We can edit, fix and modernise your current logo. We have had many clients who just want some text in their logo changed or they would like their logo digitally redrawn so that it can be used for clothing, signwriting, etc.

6 What File Formats Do I Get For My Logo?

When you accept your final logo, we will send it to you in many different file formats and sizes that are suitable for print and web use. We even send you the original source file which means you 100% own the logo and can even edit it yourself (with the right software). Quite often if you are getting clothing, signwriting or other things printed, the printer would require this source file so that they can resize the logo without losing any quality. This is what’s known as a vector file and is commonly an AI or EPS file.

Here are the file formats we will provide you with your finished logo:

Web Ready Formats
Web ready formats are the formats required for web use and include JPG, GIF and a transparent PNG.

Print Ready Formats
Print ready formats are the formats required for use in print for things such as business cards, stationary, flyers, brochures, etc. , and include AI (editable), EPS, TIFF, JPG 300dpi (PSD is also included with all print formats but will not be editable unless requested prior to beginning the design process)


This gives you 100% flexibility with your logo and ensures you can use it anywhere without any problems.

7 How Do I Request A Revision/Change?

Once you place your logo design order, we will send you 6 logo concepts within 3-5 business days. We will send these concepts to you via email and from here you can respond with the changes you would like to see made.

Once we receive your email back with your revisions, we will make those changes and send the logo back to you via email for approval or further revisions.

8 How Many Revisions Can I Make?

You can make as many revisions as you like before accepting your final logo. It will never cost you anymore than $89 and this is what sets us apart from a lot of our competitors who will charge you per hour.

9 How Does The Logo Design Process Work?

Here is a brief rundown of how our logo design service process works:

1. You make an order and fill out a short questionnaire that helps us to determine what you’re after in your logo.

2. We get to work and start designing your logo. We will create 6 logo concepts and email them to you for your review.

3. Once you receive your concepts you can choose from the following options:
A: Accept one of the concepts without any changes.
B. Make changes/revisions to one of the concepts.
C. Request a new concept if you are not happy with any of the original concepts.

4. Once you are happy with a logo, we will send you the new logo in many different file formats and sizes including the original source files.

10 Can I Finalise More Than One Logo?

If you would like to finalise (receive the final files) for more than one of the logos we designed for you or in a different format. We can certainly do this although there is a fee of $45 for each extra variation of the logo we provide the final files for.

Example: You are happy with a logo but would like a version with just the icon and no text, this would be considered a second variation/version of the logo.

For the original $89, this entitles you to finalise one logo without any extra fees or charges.

11 Do You Provide Other Design Services?

Yes, we can provide many other design services such as web design, flyer design, social media design and more. If you want to know more about our other services, please contact us.

If you want to have business cards designed, please click here.